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End to end billing solution for financial health of your practice !!

About Us

We have good news! People looking to transform healthcare and make healthcare organizations an exciting place to work founded this company. Healthcare providers across the US are facing challenges such as increasing regulations, increasingly complex coding, declining reimbursements, and increasing operating costs. We recognize that each healthcare organization has its own set of strategic, operational, and financial challenges. Our experienced teams tailor our solutions and delivery to achieve your desired outcomes. We offer flexible Engagement Models that have been developed and refined through our experiences across multiple care settings and client nuances. Through our technology platforms and with our Team of billing experts, we provide valuable support to practitioners, allowing them to focus on their most important priority–premium patient care and expansion.

Simplyfyd Care about us

Why Simplyfyd Care for Medical Billing & Coding Services?

1. Drastic reduction in the number of denials

Flaws in coding or inaccuracies in data are the main causes of claims getting denied. With the skilled Simplyfyd Care billing and coding team handling your claims, you will see a sharp reduction in the number of denials in just a few days

2. Regular reports

Our team will keep you updated about the status of your claims, by providing you with daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports. The reports will include details about productivity, procedure code analysis, projections, and pending problems, if any.

3. Process-driven approach

We follow a process that includes steps such as Insurance Eligibility Verification, Patient Demographic Entry, CPT/ ICD-10 Coding, Charge  Entry, Claims Submission, Accounts Receivables Follow-up, Payment Posting, Denial Analysis, and Accounts Receivables Management

4. Medical billing and coding for varied specialties

At Simplyfyd Care, we have expertise in working with multiple specialties, such as microbiology, ophthalmology, radiology, pulmonary, obstetrics and gynecology, neurology, anesthesiology, cardiology, critical care, endocrinology, emergency surgery, general surgery, and gastroenterology, amongst others.

5 Product Application Experience

Medical Billing Software Medical organizations use medical billing software to create and manage invoices for the services they provide. Healthcare institutions require certain industry-specific billing features, as medical invoicing varies according to patient diagnostic, treatment, and healthcare coverage. Medical billing software includes support for compliance with healthcare regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). In addition, medical billing solutions can increase the accuracy and speed of the billing process for healthcare organizations.

   Medical Billing Softwares


1. 3M   

4.Medisoft PMS 
5.GE centricity 
6.Revolution EHR 

7. Office ally 
8. NextGen Healthcare
9. E-clinical-works

10. Advanced MD 
11. Athenahealth EHR    Vericle 
12. Kiero PMS


Data Protection & Transparency

Data Protection & Transparency

Timely Collection

Timely Collection

High Accuracy with Quality

High Accuracy with Quality

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