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Complete Medical Billing Company

Simplify your patient billing, claim submission, and payer enrollment by letting us handle the paperwork and financial headaches so you can focus on what you do best.


Does your medical facility want to focus on core medical functions, minimize billing denials, + increase efficiency in the billing process, cut down on costs, and ensure timely reimbursement all at the same time? Outsourcing medical billing and coding to skilled offshore service providers like Simplyfyd Care can help you avail of all the above-mentioned benefits without any hassles. As our customer, your medical facility can get access to quality medical coding and billing, while reducing your current operating costs by at least 40%. Our end-to-end medical billing and coding solutions can meet all your needs, from following up on pending medical claims to getting reasons for denied claims, tracking receivable balances, or initiating collections.

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We Focus On


We understand how essential it is to optimize your practice's revenue cycle management process. With our Cost- Effective Medical Billing Services for Small Practices, you can focus on patients' health as we take care of your administrative work.

As a leading medical billing provider, we calculate every aspect to streamline and maximize your medical practice reimbursement. We guarantee a billing process where inconsistent codes aren't multiplying or claims getting piled up with multiple denials. We increase practices' revenue with correct claims submission while minimizing the denials.

Being a cost-effective billing company, HMS has the expertise to perform institutional and professional billing services. With the Quality First approach, we have scored a 90% claim pass ratio that makes us the best choice for your medical billing services.

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