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We handle the intricate processes related to medical coding in relation to billing and insurance reimbursement for your organization so you can focus on what you do best—providing quality health care for your patients. Our Healthcare's expert medical coders are trained to abstract and assign the appropriate coding on claims. They assign the appropriate CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS codes in order to facilitate accurate claim submission downstream in the process. All our certified coders have a minimum 5 years of experience and are abreast with the latest version releases and regulations.

We access the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician's office through a secure network. The medical documents are verified and their validation is communicated to the client. The healthcare documents are then sent to the medical coding department to assign CPT and ICD codes. The coded documents are subjected to proofreading and cross-checked by the medical coding manager. The coded documents are then forwarded to the charge entry team. We also validate the code entered by the clients. Outsourcing medical coding services to us will provide you with accurate, high-quality results. We have the expertise, dedication and resources to deliver cost-effective medical coding BPO processes that adhere to best practices and recognized coding standards.We have achieved HIPAA compliance, which will give you an assurance of the quality of our medical coding outsourcing output deliverables for your business. Simplyfyd Care offers comprehensive overflow and fully outsourced medical billing and coding services. Our medical coding services enable you to cope with coding demands, smoothens the medical billing process and improves cash flow management for inpatient and outpatient healthcare providers. We provide coding services for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, CPT, HCPCS and others. Our expert coders possess the knowledge, experience and skills to handle your coding requirements quickly and efficiently. They are very well versed with the changing nature of the regulations and adapt their work accordingly, ensuring accurate results.

Medical Coding Outsourcing Advantages

1. Clean claims, fewer denials, and optimal revenue add value to your bottom line.
2. Consistent results
3. Reduced risk
4. Medical Coding Services - Temporary or Long Term
5. Whether you need temporary help in supplementing your medical insurance coding needs or you are exploring partnering with us on a longer-term basis based on the value that our customized solution provides, we can help.

Simplyfyd Care Multi- Specialities Coding Services

Simplyfyd Care is one of the leading providers of medical billing and medical coding services. If you are looking for accurate medical coding online services at a cost-effective price, we can deliver the service you need. Our level of accuracy and fast turnaround time has set us apart from other medical billing coding outsourcing providers. Choose us as your medical coding partner today and see higher efficiency and cost savings.

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